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Check out some of the projects we've developed ourselves. Interested in supporting any of these projects for future development? Follow the link below to learn how you can join the cause.

Join legendary fishing guide, Bobby Gentry, as he takes his celebrity guests out on the the beautiful waters of Dale Hollow Lake for a day of fishin' and good ol' country guitar pickin'. 


After returning home from a career in the Army, Ethan finds Justice, Indiana isn't the quiet small town it once was. It doesn't take long before Ethan finds himself in the middle of murder mystery and, as a result of a broken justice system, confronting the suspected murderer himself.

In Justice, IN short film thumbnail

Jebediah and Jakob Yoder are Amish brothers with firearms experience and a penchant for destroying electronics. Now the barn is full of English distractions that have been brought in to the community after years of Rumspringas and Jeb has an idea on how to get rid of them.

Amish Firearm Academy Series thumbnail

When Brian buys a new home at an unbelieveable price, the history of the home comes back to haunt him.

Sight Unseen Film Poster
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