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Amish Firearm Academy

Comedy   |   YouTube Series

AFA - Chapter 5
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Written and Directed by Brian D. Snow


Jebediah and Jakob Yoder are Amish brothers with firearms experience and a penchant for destroying electronics. Now the barn is full of English distractions that have been brought in to the community after years of Rumspringas and Jeb has an idea on how to get rid of them.

Jebediah Yoder

Jakob Yoder



Brian D Snow headshot

At the age of 5 Brian moved from Indianapolis, IN to the Yakima Valley in Washington State. Both places are and will always be his home. Performance and production have been at the center of everything he does from as far back as he can remember. He has been Davey Crocket, Harry Harrigan and countless other characters on stage, a front man for a rock band, and more than a handful of characters on film, television and popular web series'. 

Recently returning back to Indiana, Brian is taking everything he has learned in Hollywood and bringing only the best of the film making business to the Hoosier state.

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